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So I rescued this sweet little guy from the pound. Daww. Good boy. Every day is .

Dear Amanda McGuire. You chose to make a political statement at work. Others chose not to support it.

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Leaving the blue pill of gender equalism behind is only depressing if you don't have a plan for healthy female submission and healthy, CONSTSANT, male leadership.

This includes women you are sexually attracted to, and women you are not.

Rule of thumb: "Be sexually 'full of yourself' and emotionally unpenetrable" around hot women, and think of unattractive women as being similar to children. You don't want to fuck children, do you? Lead those women the same way. Their emotional states, spatial awareness, and relative lack of dexterity (as compared to men) is why you compare them to children. If a woman is above average for her gender, or even compared to a man (which should honestly embarrass the Hell out of you, and make you strive to improve), merely think of her as a "gifted child". You must be the dominant at all times, at all costs. It is what you were born to do, gentlemen. God bless.

Feminization portrays dominance as rape and a caricacture. You have no desire to rape. Don't listen to that feminized nonsense. It isn't your concern. YOU aren't a fucking rapist. Get that into your fucking head and stop being a goddamn scared pussy, for Christ's sake.

It is what you were born to do, gentlemen. God bless.

Misbehaving women or women who reject that idea are merely having a temper tantrum. Not your problem. Not your child.

"Feminism is a shit-test writ large", gentlemen.

If you don't know what a "shit-test" is, it is when women use their emotionality to test the emotional strength of a man.

If he reacts emotionally, he has failed the shit test.

If he remains stoic and unaffected, in control, laughs it off, then, gentlemen, he has passed the shit test.

Stop taking women so seriously. Stop killing yourself over them figuratively and literally.

Think of them as being similar to children and have fun in life, and watch every relationship you have with women improve.

God bless.

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I have reviewed this report from your domain and found that it does not infringe our terms of use in any way. No action will be taken.

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The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has announced critical shortages of a range of medicines. Spoke with a pharmacist today and his understanding is that manufacturers are being affected by shortages of precursor materials.

Here's a list of the medications currently impacted:

So I watched the film #1917 last night. It slowly dawned on me as I watched that this is possibly the best made I've ever seen.

Great. The guy in then next cubicle is coughing. So am I.

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So the Australian city of has entered hard lockdown after losing control of their numbers. A public curfew has been declared, all non-essential businesses ordered to close and the Australian army has been called in to reinforce state police.

So I ran out of disk space which caused postgres to kerplunk and then the whole site went dark. Took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on. When I finally ran tootctl to remove media, it cleared over 40 GB of stuff. Lesson learnt, running tootctl from a cron job now.

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Tucker Carlson Exposing The Left's Strategy To Take Power

"Their first instinct is to manipulate rather than persuade. They hide their real beliefs. They say precisely the opposite of what they mean every time. They accuse you of the crimes they themselves are committing." #Columbia

Full-List of bots:

Scottish police are concerned that a new "hate speech" law could paralyze free speech and suppress freedom of religion because it is nearly impossible to define hate.

"We do not allow advertising that is likely to support or promote one viewpoint over another."

Well that makes it impossible to say just about anything.

This is in response to taking down JK Rowling billboard from one of their stations.

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